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Bare floor pro is a powerful and very effective steam mop that cleans your floor effectively, making it shiny and clean and smelling fresh. It uses Vax steam detergent that effectively eliminates grease and grime leaving you floor spotless and hygienically clean. It disinfects your floor by eliminating 99% of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms for as long as 7 days.

This steam mop is also great for cleaning up after your kids and pets. It can take away stubborn dirt and grease your kids or pets had left on the floor, leaving your bare floor sparkling clean and smelling great.

The Vax S2S bare floor steam cleaner uses Vax steam detergent that is specially formulated to eliminate grease and grime more effectively than steam alone. The vax steam detergent is formulated to be environmentally friendly giving your home a perfect cleaning result. It comes in 5 refreshing scents including spring fresh, lime zest and ocean breeze.




This powerful steam cleaner has a multi-use. It is great for use on bare floor surfaces such as tiles, lino, and laminate and wood. It comes with carpet glider that works to refresh your carpets and rugs.

To use this steam cleaner;

  • Simply attach the cleaning pad, and then fill the tanks with clean water and detergent correspondingly.
  • Switch it on, and then wait for it to heat up. When the green light comes on, about a minute after you switch, you are now ready to steam.
  • Press the trigger to release the steam, and then move the stick slowly back and forth across the floor to start cleaning.
  • To refresh your carpets and rugs, just simply fit the carpet glider tool over the cleaning pad and then glide it over your carpet or rug moving it back and forth to clean the surface.


  1. 2.      QUICK AND EASY TO USE

The Bare Floor Pro’s cleaning pads are quick and easy to remove. They are washable so you can use it over and over again. The cleaning pad can easily be taken away from the base. But don’t forget to cool down the unit first before detaching the cleaning pad, for safety reasons.

To clean the pads, you can hand wash them or you can simply wash them in your washing machine. Use mild detergent in a warm temperature setting.


NOTE: To avoid leaks, make sure the tanks are fully in place before you turn on the machine to heat up.




The Bare floor Pro steam mop is neither harmful nor damaging to the environment. The detergent it uses is specially formulated to be kind to the environment, so it’s absolutely safe to the environment. It is also manageable and very light; it won’t tire you easily. You can carry it around your home easily while cleaning.



  • Multi purpose use
  • Lightweight
  • Quick heat up time and easy to operate
  •  Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminates bacteria by 99%



  • Less effective on parquet flooring

The Vax S2S steam cleaner combines the power of the steam with the Vax cleaning solution to provide a truly clean and healthy home. It uses a high temperature to effectively dissolve grime and eliminate germs and bacteria leaving your floor and other areas of your home spotless clean as well as giving you a hygienically clean home environment.

This steam cleaner comes with a free 2 year UK Vax warranty. It is delivered and sold by Amazon.