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The Vax S5 is a multi- use kitchen and bathroom cleaner that can be used on all surfaces of furniture and fixtures including floors, grout, upholstery, hobs and BBQs. This lightweight, compact steam cleaner breaks down grease and grime giving your floor a nice clean look. It is easy to carry around and easy to maneuver giving you a comfortable cleaning time.

This kitchen and bathroom cleaner is ideal for use in the bathroom to clean the floor and walls including sink and tap, while it giving your kitchen a truly cleaned counter tops, ovens, grills and hobs. It doesn’t require a cleaning solution or detergent, but with the power of the steam, it can clean your home effectively killing 99% of bacteria and allergens leaving your home hygienically clean and fresh.



  1. 1.      MULTI PURPOSE USE

It can clean all bathroom and kitchen surfaces including floors and fixtures. The included         special tools can clean tough areas such as grout, crevices, hobs and BBQs. The Vax S5 provides double steaming time compared to the usual vax steam mop, giving you more cleaning time.


It provides the best way to make sure your kitchen and bathroom surfaces are not only visibly clean but hygienically clean as well. It is excellent for cleaning floors, mirrors, tiles, and grout and very effective in degreasing cooker hoods, hobs and grills. The incredible power of the steam removes all kinds of dirt including soap residue from your bath leaving your bathroom and kitchen spotless and hygienically clean for a healthier home.

  1. 3.      EASY TO USE

To use this steam mop, fill the tank with water and then switch it on to power it up.

The green light comes on in about 8 minutes which implies that it is ready to use. You can then select the steam pressure you need for the specific job at hand, and then start cleaning. A full tank of water can continuously steam clean for up to 30 minutes.

  1. 4.      QUICK HEAT UP TIME

THE Vax S25 kitchen and bathroom steam mop can heat up in just a few seconds thus saving you time and giving you more cleaning time as you don’t have to wait long for the machine to heat up.


  1. 5.      16- PIECE ACCESSORY KIT

The kitchen and bathroom compact cleaner comes with a complete accessory tools for maximum cleaning results. You can use the small tools to remove soap residue from your bath and to clean heavily soiled clothes, while the brushes are perfect for eliminating stubborn grease and grime.

To use the small tools simply fit the concentration nozzle first, fasten the tool and then twist to lock it. The concentration nozzle can be used on its own to remove soap residue from your bath.

The included window tool is used to effectively clean your windows and mirrors leaving them smear free and without marks or streaks.

The brushes are ideal for removing dirt in between gaps, or cleaning your oven grills and rack. It can also be used to scrub kitchen counter tops and work surfaces.


  • Easy to use, lightweight and compact storage
  • Heats up quickly
  • Doesn’t use cleaning solution
  • Multi-use
  • Has complete accessories for the kitchen and bathroom


  • Don’t scrub too hard or it can heat up and deform the bristles on the brush
  • Noisy

The double steaming time of Vax S25 allows you to clean more surfaces compared to standard steam mops. This is very much appreciated when you are cleaning large areas as you won’t be refilling it too soon, thus saving you time.