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 This Black Decker 7 in 1 steam mop features handle command that allows you to gain access to the built-in Autoselect Technology directly to the handle of the steam mop. This makes it possible for you to switch between cleaning wooden, stone and vinyl floors with just a click of a button without the need to bend down for the autoselect dial.

It comes with a floor type guide that is easy to read and an attractive blue light which helps you to get the correct amount of steam you need to effectively clean your floor.

This steam mop can hygienically clean almost all surfaces inside and outside your home. It is ideal to use in the kitchen to clean ovens, hobs, grills and pans, and to clean your bathroom tiles, toilets and taps. Outside your home, you can use it to clean alloy wheels and garden furniture.




  1. 1.      STEAM BURST

Removing even the most seated and stubborn dirt from your floor is no longer a problem with the use of the steam burst. It releases 50% more steam with just a few seconds of bursts giving you an extra cleaning power that you don’t get from ordinary steam mop.


  1. 2.      MULTI- USE

This auto select steam mop can be used on hardwood, laminate, vinyl, marble, stone, ceramic tile and slate. It is also great for cleaning and refreshing your carpets and rugs including upholstery.


  1. 3.      QUICK HEAT UP

This steam mop can heat up in just 15 seconds; you don’t need to wait long for the machine to heat up and get ready to steam.



The Black Decker steam mop uses microfiber cleaning pads that are machine washable, giving you the convenience of washing them up. These pads when not in use are stored securely to the base of the machine.


  1. 5.      EASY TO USE

The Black and Decker 7 in 1 steam mop is very simple and easy to use. You can simply push the button to turn it into a handheld steamer to be used on smaller surfaces such as ovens, hobs and grills.



The innovative design of this steam mop with its 180 degrees swivel head rotates to clean corners and awkward furniture. Turn the handle for the mop head to rotate and clean the desired angle effortlessly.



This steam mop comes in a box which includes 5 accessories to give you more effective and thorough cleaning.

  • The Squeegee Tool is ideal for cleaning windows, tiles and glass shower screens.
  • The Flexible Hose is great for spot cleaning and for cleaning areas that are difficult to reach such as the back of oven.
  • It comes also in 3 color- coded brushes that are perfect to brush off stubborn grime and grease. The different colors allow you to select the specific brush you opt to use in a specific room.
  • The Variable nozzles give you a broad jet of steam to sanitize large areas quickly and the focused jet is used when you need to lift tough grimes and grease.


  • It heats up quickly
  • Easy to use even on corners
  • It can be used on all types of hard floor
  • Good steam burst
  • Very effective on tiled floor
  • Quick and easy to refill


  • The included accessories does not provide all the needs


The Black and Decker 7 in 1 steam mop is designed to be compact making it easy to store up without clutters and at the same time saving up space. This makes it suitable for smaller where space is limited.